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Have you ever thought of installing a home spa? Whether you’re looking for exercise, relaxation, entertainment, or all of the above, a custom hot tub retailer can help you to choose the perfect components for your backyard oasis.

Unlike standard swimming pools, luxury hot tubs can be used all year round and can be installed in virtually any yard. A swim spa provides an adjustable current for swimmers and rowers or waves for boogie boarders. A massage therapy hot tub uses hydrotherapy to soothe sore muscles and relieve pain and tension; and a basic hot tub is perfect for both serene relaxation or for entertaining friends. You can enjoy all of these benefits by customizing your hot tub and environs. Illuminated fountain jets, Bluetooth capability, moulded seats and headrests, cup holders, and surround sound stereo systems are just some of the luxurious options available to you. Talk to a custom hot tub retailer today!
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Custom hot tub retailers have seen sales increase in recent years due to home spa innovations. New materials mean that hot tubs are very durable and stand up well to Canadian winters – and unlike conventional pools, hot tubs can be used year round. In fact, many users say that winter is the best time to enjoy a hot tub!
In addition, it’s now very affordable to customize your home spa with luxurious options. Add coloured LED underwater lighting or illuminated fountain jets for an elegant and festive look, or programmable hydrotherapy jets to target tense muscles.
The swim spa is a new sensation that’s perfect for an athlete in training, a child learning to swim, or those who want exercise without putting stress on their joints.
And finally, hot tub maintenance has been made very simple through the use of kits that quickly test the water and provide you with everything you need to keep your tub water clean and clear. A new trend toward salt water hot tubs promises to make home spa maintenance even easier. A dependable custom hot tub retailer can help you choose which options are best suited to your lifestyle and needs.

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